Whatever your goals are, it’s always rewarding to squeeze in an extra class, lift more, push harder, or do more reps than last time. Set small goals for yourself and watch your achievements in the gym build confidence that carries over into your everyday life. Remind yourself how amazing you are…come in for a great workout tonight!! What’s on?

7:30-8:30pm KETTLEBELL TECHNIQUE *This is our final week in this session. Next week will be a free Level 2 class during this time slot. Learn the form and fundamental movement patterns of kettlebell training while progressing at your own pace. Class includes detailed instruction of moves plus a circuit workout to build strength and endurance. Suitable for all fitness levels.

8:30-9:30pm KETTLEBELL TABATA Combine the fundamentals of kettlebell tech with fat-frying intervals in this high-intensity  class. Kick your metabolism into high gear and increase your after-burn…you will be challenged!!

Hope to see you tonight!!