February is “Heart Health Month”…start yours off right with a class to help improve your cardiovascular health. What’s on?

Tonight* 7:30-8:15pm FULL-BODY CIRCUIT  A 45-min class geared to all fitness levels. Hit all major muscle groups while you burn fat, increase strength, and build endurance.
8:30-9:30pm KETTLEBELL BUILDER Increase the intensity of your kettlebell workouts using more weight or more complex movement patterns. This class is a great way to build your strength, knowledge, and kettlebell technique.

Can’t make it tonight? Join me tomorrow morning~

Friday 9:15-10am BOOTCAMP 45 minutes of military-style drills to test your strength and stamina. Are you FIRED UP?!

Watch for more information on how we can help you make the most of your Heart Month. Hope to see you soon!