Did you know??? Endorphins released in the body during exercise help elevate mood, improve sleep, and reduce stress! Why not treat yourself to a little joy tonight? Come in for a great workout!

What’s on tonight?
7:30-8:30pm INTERVALS Structured periods of work:rest to challenge all fitness levels. Build strength and burn fat with functional bodyweight movements. A high energy class that will leave you feeling strong.

8:30-9:30pm KETTLEBELL BUILDER Increase the intensity of your kettlebell workouts using more weight, more complex movement patterns, or progress to double kettlebells. This class is a great way to build your strength, knowledge, and kettlebell technique.

Can’t make it tonight? Join me tomorrow morning~

Friday 9:15-10am BOOTCAMP 45 minutes of military-style drills to test your strength and stamina. Are you FIRED UP?!

Hope to see you soon!