Quick and Healthy Snacks- Eating on the Run

Summer is full of activities and holidays that often take you out of your regular routine. While it is not always easy to stick to your nutrition plan while away from home, it is easy to find  healthy and nutritious snacks that won’t fill you up with fat, sugar and useless calories. Try some of these delicious ideas to keep your hunger at bay without sabotaging all your hard work (or making you feel bloated in your bikini!)


Healthy Snack Ideas

Almonds– Almonds are a good source of protein, monounsaturated fat and vitamin E. They are portable, nutritionally dense, and very versatile. Just be sure to limit your consumption as they are high in fat.

Tuna In a Pouch or Can- There are many varieties of tuna available in portable packaging today. There are pouches that require no draining, as well as tuna salads available in pop-top cans. Just be sure to choose varieties that do not contain high-fat, high-sugar content sauces or excessive sodium; also avoid eating the crackers that accompany some of the tuna salad packages. Eat smart!

Rice Cakes– Rice cakes are an extremely versatile snack that can be substituted as bread and spread with natural nut butters or topped with sliced turkey and low-fat cheese. They are also delicious with cottage cheese and fruit, or simply on their own.

Boiled Eggs- Almost all grocery stores today carry boiled eggs in their deli counter or bagged by the dozen in the dairy aisle. They are a delicious snack as is, and can easily be eaten without the yolk for a clean protein jolt.

Low-Fat Milk or Cheese– Low-fat dairy snacks contain calcium, protein, and good carbohydrates. They help to build bones, repair muscle tissue, and increase energy; a good choice for when you are on-the-go.

Fruit or Veggies– The most simple portable snack, fruits and vegetables are readily available at virtually every store, market, or restaurant.

Keeping healthy snacks close at hand or simply committing to an overall healthy diet will keep you from reaching for junk food and high calorie “fillers” during the busy summer months…your body will thank you for it, and you’ll feel even more confident in that bikini.