Join me Monday, September 10 from 7:45-8:30pm for a free Kettlebell class~

A new round of Level 1 Kettlebell classes will begin September 17…if you’re curious about kettlebell and want to learn more, if you have experience but feel a little rusty on your technique, or simply want to reintroduce them to your workouts, this is the class for you!

Kettlebells are an amazing fitness tool that incorporate functional, whole body movement patterns into dynamic workouts that burn fat, build lean muscle, increase flexibility, and fire up your metabolism. Kettlebell workouts combine cardio and strength training together, making workouts extremely efficient and effective (and never boring). In this class you’ll learn the fundamental movement patterns with strict attention to form, and each week we’ll combine these moves into a circuit-style workout, so you build amazing endurance while learning the basics.

Email me with any questions, or to reserve your spot.
Hope to see you Monday night!