I am super excited to announce that evolve fitness will be moving as of October 1st!

In the fall of last year, Nicole MacAvalia, owner/dancer/teacher/client extraordinaire of C.O.R.E. Dance Project here in Paris gave me the incredible opportunity to start offering Kettlebell classes at her dance studio. The response was amazing and the classes really took off!!

Fast-forward a year or so and here we are,  about to open the evolve fitness by CORE studio at 74 Scott Ave. I’m so excited!!! I’ve been dreaming of this for years~a gigantic thank you to Nicole for helping make this happen!

We’ve got a gorgeous, bright and private space with lots of new toys including a Rogue Infinity Rig with multiple pull up, squat, and press stations, heavy rope training, and a new schedule featuring tons of different classes and training options to choose from.

I can’t wait to bring my clients over to the new space, and hope to see plenty of new faces too. Contact me for more information, or stay tuned for the October schedule.