It’s March break!!! As a result there are a few changes to the class schedule this week. Today’s classes~

9:15-10:15am Intervals 
High energy class alternating between work:rest intervals. Focus is on muscle and cardio conditioning. Moves are easily scaled to suit all fitness levels. Class is only $5 drop-in, or 1 punch on your card.

7:30-8:30pm Kettlebell Technique 
For all fitness levels. Learn proper kettlebell technique while increasing cardio fitness and overall strength. Focus is on skill-building and endurance. Registration is required.

8:30-9:30pm Kettlebell Tabata
Fat frying and muscle building workout to test your stamina! Experience with kettlebells or KB tech required. Email me if you have questions.

Hope to see you today!!!

Questions? Email me at [email protected]