Ever wonder how your alcohol consumption can impact your fitness goals? Click here to learn more.Alcohol Consumption and Your Fitness


You Drank Calories* Extra Minutes YouNeed to Sweat **
Glass red wine (4oz) 80 10
Glass white wine (4oz) 80 10
1 shot alcohol 70 8
1 martini (3.5 oz) 140 16.5
Frozen Pina Colada 245 30
Bud Lite Beer (12oz) 110 12
Bud Beer (12oz) 145 17

*values are approximate        **based on jogging at an easy pace

The relationship between alcohol and fitness is one of much controversy. One thing that is not subject to debate is that alcohol spikes insulin levels in the body, and then drops the body into a hypoglycaemic state where it craves sugar and junk food. This explains why nights of heavy drinking often end in a trip to the drive thru, or a binge on sugar-laden treats.

There is also a definite relationship between alcohol consumption and a person’s waist-to-hip ratio, as well as one’s waist circumference; hence the term “beer-belly”.  Fat around the middle puts you at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease and can elevate blood pressure.

Finally, in terms of caloric usage, alcohol calories are the first to be burned. Think of it this way…when you drink alcohol, the body pushes fats and carbohydrates to the end of the line. While it is true that less than 5% of alcohol calories turn to fat, the body converts alcohol into acetate which the body then burns first. Alcohol  reduces the number of calories you burn overall and can increase your appetite.