The studio is private, comfortable, and personal. It is non-threatening enough for beginners, but well-enough equipped to allow even the most experienced fitness enthusiast a space to continue to evolve.

Evolve training incorporates a wide-range of fitness tools:

  • Rogue Fitness I-10 Infinity Rig with multiple pull up, squat, and press stations
  • Kettlebells
  • Various free weights, including dumbbells and barbells
  • Torque F5, an adjustable pulley system which allows a wide variety of traditional and functional cable exercises that encourage you to train the way your body moves
  • BOSU, medicine and stability balls
  • Circuit style and cardio programs
  • Tabata interval training

Evolve Fitness now operates as EVOLVE | CORE from 74 Scott Avenue, in Paris Ontario. Home of the CORE DANCE PROJECT


Happy Canada Day!

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Let’s get it tonight!

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Classes Running tonight

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What’s on Tonight?

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